World Psychiatric Association
Webinar Series

Educational Online Webinar of WPA on Schizophrenia
Monday 16th May 2022, 2 PM (Central European Summer Time) Duration 90 minutes


Organised By

Prof Afzal Javed
World Psychiatric Association
Dr Roger Ng
Secretary for Educatin
World Psychiatric Association
Prof Peter Morozov
Secretary General
World Psychiatric Association

Schizophrenia and related psychiatric disorders can be highly disabling. Deficits in cognition, involving skills such as attention, problem solving and social understanding are core symptoms of many psychiatric disorders, which greatly impact the quality of life of patients. New research demonstrates the evidence for cognitive enhancement therapies, capable of relieving these deficits. This presentation will review the evidence for cognitive enhancement therapies and their mode of action, making recommendations for individualized implementation strategies. The topics covered will include computer-based exercises, psychotherapeutic group activities, and pharmacological interventions, as well as efforts to implement cognitive enhancement approaches in community settings.
Substance use occurs commonly in patients with these disorders and dramatically worsens their overall clinical course. This Webinar will cover the theories put forward to

explain the basis of the co-occurrence of these disorders combining recent evidence from epidemiological and genetic association studies with brain imaging and pre-clinical studies to provide an updated formulation regarding the growing impact of drug abuse on the nature and incidence of psychosis.
Our Faculties are:

Prof Sir Robin Murray

Prof Sir Robin Murray, Professor of Psychiatric Research, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College; Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Prof Matcheri S Keshavan

Prof Matcheri S Keshavan, Stanley Cobb Professor and academic Head, Department of Psychiatry, Beth Israel eaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA



Monday 16th May 2022, 2 PM Central European Summer Time

02:00 pm: Welcome Prof Afzal Javed, President World Psychiatric Association

02:05 pm: Introduction of Speakers – Prof Peter Morozov, Secretary General, World Psychiatric Association

02:10 pm – 02:40 pm: Prof Matcheri Keshavan Impaired cognition and its treatment in schizophrenia

02:40 pm – 03:10 pm: Prof Sir Robin Murray The growing impact of drug abuse on the nature and incidence of psychosis

03:10 pm – 03:30 pm: Question and Answer

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Participants can receive a CPD Certificate on complimentary basis (on request) after attending the Webinar.

This meeting is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Viatris. The sponsor had no inflence on the design and development of the programme or any associated materials.