Yoga in Mental Health
Certified Comprehensive Online
Educational Course

Part 1 - One day Online Orientation Programme (Free)
9th October 2021 or 6th November 2021
(Participation is mandatory before applying for Certifcate Course
Part 2 - Certifcate Course
27th November 2021 to 18th December 2021 (Four weekly sessions)


Organised By
World Psychiatric Association
In Collaboration with
Indian Psychiatric Society and
NIMHANS, India (WPA Collaborating Centre)

Course Administrators
Patron: Prof Afzal Javed
Directors: Dr Gautam Saha and Prof P. Murthy
Moderator: Dr Rajashree Ray


Course Description


Yoga is an ancient practice that involves posture, breathing techniques and meditation to promote mental and physical well-being. The overall philosophy of yoga is about connecting the mind, body, and spirit. A regular yoga practice can promote endurance, strength, calmness, flexibility, and overall well-being.
The One day Orientation Programme (Free) is to introduce the participants to the fundamentals of Yoga Practice, so that they are better informed about the Certificate Course before registration.
The Certificate Course is a basic level program aimed at providing practical and theoretical exposure to basics of yoga therapy and tradition-based lifestyle advices and their application in mental health to mental health professionals in the world.
WPA would like to enhance capacity building of trained mental health professionals in yoga across the world, who would practise

incorporating these skills in evidence based service delivery.
Learning Objectives:
• Participants in the certificate course shall be taught theoretical knowledge about the philosophy and practical aspects of Yoga as applicable to neuropsychiatric disorders.
• Understand necessary precautions while dealing with such patients.
• Enable psychiatrists to select patients for whom yoga therapy can be applied.
• Develop skills of integrating simple Yoga based lifestyle tips into their clinical practice.
Individual Modules will include Presentations on the Module Topics, Practical Yogasana, pranayama and Om Chanting, Pre and Post Course Evaluations and discussion for participants.